About us

“IVD Market has been developing products and services for the In Vitro Diagnostics market since 2014. It offers services that are completely data-based and supported by special software solutions by determining the current situation of the sector and its needs arising from its change.

IVD Market continues to be the first and only in the IVD sector with all of the services it offers.

It produces solutions and provides services to many international and national companies with its products and services. “

IVD Market History

  1. IVDPlus Preparing

    IVDPlus preparation of service specific software development and retrospective 3-year market research & analysis

  2. IVDPlus Starting

    The commissioning of online service platform as of January 1, 2015, 10 member companies within a year

  3. Monitoring All IVD Product Line

    All IVD Tracking Expanding the product groups analyzed within the scope of IVDPlus and including the entire IVD market the number of member companies has reached 20.

  4. ProjectPlus and LabPlus

    submitting the services in the market for the needs arising in line with the changing sector dynamics ProjectPlus and LabPlus contract with YDA Health for 4 City Hospitals

  5. LabPlus agreement with Siemens Healthcare for use in Bilkent City Hospital
    Concluding Project Plus and LabPlus agreement with Roche for Bursa City Hospital
    IVDPlus service has started to provide services in the field of Medical Products (Medical) and a comprehensive project has been initiated with 3M company.

  6. International promotion activities of LabPlus service as a complete product
    Launch of PathWay (Pathology Laboratory Software) and GenWay (Genetic Laboratory Software) products
    Realization of “MedPlus” launch as Medical Product (Medical) Market Analysis and Tracking service