PROJECTPlus Service

It is the service to provide Laboratory Services in an efficient, performance-oriented manner and in accordance with the contractual rules. Process Optimization and Performance-oriented management supports are provided within the scope of the service provided throughout Planning, Implementation (Commissioning) and Operation periods.



All stages are analyzed intensively by our highly specialized team and solutions are offered with comprehensive evaluations. Planning and implementations are carried out for the target & scope of the project with studies carried out on data and / or simulation.


PROJECTPlus Features

Process Management

The management of all processes, starting from the project design phase and that last throughout the operating period, is based entirely on data and analysis.

HR Management

Employee personnel files, shift planning, training planning and records, health records, overtime records, leave records are recorded in an integrated manner of all the laboratory team involved in the project.

Work Flow Analysis

The work flows created during the planning phase are evaluated during implementation and operation, and revisions are made with a continuous improvement approach.

Planning and Execution

Execution processes are managed depending on the service scope in addition to the project-specific planning service.


Comprehensive reporting services are provided for laboratory management needs with the developed reporting tools and formats.

Contract Management / Tracking

Technical and process contributions are provided for all the contracts within the scope of the project. Contract conformity assessments are also carried out in the technical scope during the operation process.